About Euro Moulders

The Company

Euro Moulders are highly regarded in their field of business, specialising in the manufacture of injection moulds, blow moulds and PET moulds for a wide spectrum of applications.  Their facilities are based in self owned premises with facilities for 25 machines in the tool room and 12 injection moulders on the production side, which include 2 x 90 ton, 1 x 120 ton, 2 x 160 ton, 3 x 200 ton, 1 x 300 ton, 1 x 350 ton, 1 x 360 ton and 1 x 470 ton.

The extensive client base serves most sectors of commerce and industry including major players in packaging, irrigation, automation, mine safety, mining equipment, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hygiene and home décor. There are numerous independent tool rooms that outsource to Euro Moulders.

Euro Moulders has the facilities to manufacture new,  repair existing moulds and maintain produced by other manufacturers. The company focuses mainly on the manufacture of moulds weighing up to 1.5 tons.  Repairs are carried out for moulds up to 6 ton.  Clients are situated across South Africa and in neighbouring states.

The People

Joint owners since 2004, brothers Joao and José De Abreu, are hands-on involved in the day to day running of the business from a mould design, costing, planning, procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance and logistics perspective. They participate in client briefs and advise on overall functionality and end-use of the product, including dimensions and materials.

Joao and José combine their technical skills in tool and die making, with proficiency in the use of computer technology, to design and develop tooling for components and end products used in a comprehensive range of business sectors. They bring to the industry over 30 years experience in the field of mould design and manufacture.

Both have an in-depth knowledge of the properties and applications in use of the various materials required for the different processes.  These include Polypropylene, ABS, Acetyl, Nylon (filled and unfilled), Polyurethane and High Impact Polystyrene.

The owners are fully competent in the design process, utilising CAD. In order to provide their clients with a more holistic service, they network with and use the facilities of experts in their respective fields, who assist in the creation of 3D printed prototypes, hardening, cylindrical and profile grinding and wire cutting. They also work in close contact with the technical staff and laboratories of their various suppliers.

The company employs 25 full time staff.  All training is undertaken in-house with Joao and José working side by side with entry level operators. As participants in the National Tooling Initiative Programme (NITP), Euro Moulders provides students with training during their practical courses. The owners of the company are fully committed to talent seeking and elevating the individual’s skills. They pride themselves on staff retention with employees enjoying long years of service.

Mission Statement

Listen to the customer’s needs and guide them on what is possible and what is practical.

History of the Company

Prior to buying Euro Moulders, José and Joao worked for an employer in a similar business . In 2004, they purchased Euro Moulders as a small entity, in rented premises of some 300 square metres. At the time the business comprised 5 toolroom machines and employed 2 people.

Over the years they have built up and maintained valuable business relationships with customers and suppliers, providing continuity and a sound understanding of the client’s specific technical and design needs, critical factors in a production line.

Euro Moulders enjoy a reputation as preferred suppliers, based on quality of workmanship and ability to maintain consistently high standards of efficiency, coupled with business credibility and service delivery.

The Future

Plans are underway for the purchase of a 700 ton injection moulder with a capacity for up to 3 kilos shot weight.